Saturday, 22 January 2011

Ticking away the moments

Today has been amazing! Nothing particularly life changing happened, but it's felt amazing to get back to spending 90% of my free time shopping! The sun was shining, the temperature was.....not brilliant, but acceptable and so now I feel fantastic!
I've finally been able to wear out some of my sale buys, as it felt a bit much to get dressed up and sit in the library all day. I also bought a pocket watch the other day and I haven't taken it off since, I really love it!

Navy cardigan - Primani
Top - H&M
Shorts - Asos
Tights - Primani
Navy Brogues - Asos
Pocket Watch - Urban Outfitters
Bag - Vintage
The lighting in the photos is a bit rubbish, so I apologise! I love the shorts im wearing, they're very comfortable and have lots of little birds on them (which I think is really cute). They were a very cheap find in the Asos sale, so all in all a great deal!


  1. Lovely outfit! and your nails are so cute :) x

  2. pretty shorts and i love your nail polish.

    P.S. Can I ask a teeny-tiny favor from you guys? It will only take 10 seconds. So pretty please? All you have to do is like this page and then like my photo. Your vote means everything to me :)

  3. Love this outfit! Your shorts, brogues and nail varnish are lovely. And I adore that pocket watch x

  4. I got a pocketwatch at urban outfitters too, yours is supercute! I love the dotted nails too, and you have amazing legs!

    haha I'm pretty happy if I can spend 90% of my free time shopping too

  5. Your nails are adorable :) Remind me of Minnie Mouse!

  6. LOVE your nails and that pocket watch is so so stylish! :) I want one!

  7. Just to let you know I've awarded you a stylish blogger award the details are here

    have a lovely day :D x


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