Monday, 3 January 2011

Spring forward

I'm very excited about Spring for several reasons, firstly (and probably most importantly) the temperature will exceed 0 degrees, which is mind blowing in itself!
With regards to fashion, I am delighted that floaty/florals remain prominent!
I also love the 50/60/70's influence that's on the go just now which is nice and pretty without being overly girly (which I am definitely not).

My wish list is fairly extensive (and shamelessly involves most of the Topshop collection).
Here are a few desirables:

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Time to take off the christmas jumper!


  1. That bag is amazing :)

  2. I always get the feeling after december, holidays etc. The winter is finally over.. but yet, the winter is just getting started! Im craving for spring:)

  3. wow I love all the pretty prints :)


    The Flower Girl


  4. Those shoes are absolutely gorgeous, love the colour. And that pussy-bow blouse ain't too shabby either... oh man, I need some money. Fast. x


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