Sunday, 9 January 2011

I love brogues

It's true, I really do.
I'd say that most pairs of shoes I look at these days are brogues! As well the androgynous looking brogue, there are now a variety of styles available varying in colour and texture as well as being flat or high heeled.
I think brogues are amazing at adding a unique edge on an every day outfit and the best part is, they're extremely comfortable!

If only I had more feet to put them on....
 From top left : Poetic Licence high heeled brogues
                      Toast red leather brogue
                       Kurt Geiger tan leather heeled brogue
                       Asos tapestry and leather brogues
                       Asos green suede brogue

Pretty paving - courtesy of Barcelona :)

When I was looking at various pairs, there were so many I wanted to put up.....although I cut it down as I don't want to drown anyone in pictures of brogues.

I hope you share my enthusiasm! xx


  1. You can feel free to drown me in pictures of brogues. I adore them as much as you x

  2. Ooooh, so do I! I've actually yet to get myself a pair of flat brown ones and flat black ones, all I've got it a pair of heels! ♡

  3. I do share your enthusiasm! I love that they're coming in so many different styles these days.

  4. I agree! I have a brown leather pair, and a black patent pair. I think a floral and a leopard pair will complete my collection.

  5. Love it :)))


  6. looove the mix of shoes...cute cute cute


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