Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Paul Smith

Paul Smith is fantastic. Scientific fact. I think the clothing he designs as well as the photography is absolutely beautiful. The way he incorporates photography into his clothing designs is really interesting and definitely gives a uniqueness to each piece.
I've just come out of my first exam for this semester and it was one of those "on the fence" exams where you couldn't really tell if it went well or not....To take my mind off it, I ended perusing the Paul Smith website and found some AMAZING things...

Amazing non? I figured I'd probably have to sell all my organs and possessions to actually own anything, but hey! It's probably worth it!
So after going through the entire women's range, I decide to look at the "Gifts & Homewares" section and find this:
Isn't it amazing? It's a 60's style sofa with fabric consisting of photos taken by Paul Smith himself from the Chelsea Flower Show....yes I know flowers again! I seriously think this is the best sofa I've ever seen, the price tag being the only drawback.
If only....


  1. That sofa is immense! Paul Smith is a definite genius. Thanks for your lovely comment!
    I'm following now,

    Rosie x

  2. I think I'm in love with a sofa. Is that actually possible? x

  3. I love the sofa <3
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  4. I would love that panther shirt!
    Nice compilation ^^ x

  5. I MUST have that sofa! He's so quirky and colourful, love it! x

  6. I love how fun and fresh all his prints and photography are! And that sofa is insane <3

    Stop by The Fashion Smoke soon...

    Phie Phie xx

  7. Oh these prints are so lovely!! <33

  8. those bikinis and shoes are amazing!

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  9. omg! love that couch! to die for.
    <3 mode.


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