Monday, 31 January 2011

Tell the world I'm coming home

I've had such a lovely time in Edinburgh, I'm very sad to be leaving. It's probably just a well though, as I've probably eaten my weight in food over the week!
Edinburgh is such a great place to wander around and is even better for shopping, both of which I did lots of! Although it was quite cold, it didn't rain at all (unusual for Scotland I know) and it was nice to escape the usual routine of university life.

Here a few of the outfits I wore last week, a few of which are vintage pieces I bought from Twitch Vintage's ebay shop which I fell in love with when I saw them.

 Sunflower Dress - Vintage (from Twitch Vintage)
Crochet Waistcoat - Primark
Tights - M&S
Brogues - Primark
Necklace - Gift

Top - H&M
Skirt - Vintage (Twitch Vintage)
Cardigan - Vintage Jaeger (My Granny's)
Tights - M&S
Brogues - Primark
Necklace - Gift

Shirt - Topshop
Skirt - Ted Baker
Tights- M&S
Brogues - ASOS
Ribbon - John Lewis

The other days I was wearing my go-to denim shorts and a selection of tartan shirts (Tartan is a favourite of mine after florals). 
Another thing I feel I should really mention is the INCREDIBLE establishment that is Hotel Missoni. Yes that's right, an entire hotel designed by Rosita Missoni. Think Missoni pattern kilts on the doormen, interior design to die for and of course, a complimentary Missoni dressing gown.  Is it possible to be in love with a hotel? I'm pretty sure I am! Definitely worth a look!

Monday, 24 January 2011

Off on the road :)

I'm off to Edinburgh so I won't be posting for a couple of days. Just thought I'd quickly show you my outfit for today. I had a lovely package arrive from America the other day with a few vintage pieces I bought and I'm taking with me so I can't wait to show you them when I get back!

 Dress - H&M
Denim Shirt - Vintage
Knee-high socks - Asos
 Clogs - Topshop
Rings - Past Times and H&M
Pocket Watch - Urban Outfitters

Pictures via weheartit

Edinburgh calls! Hope everyone has a lovely week xx

I can make you happy, make your dreams come true

I think I've become slightly obsessed with Adele over the past couple of days. I keep humming it wherever I go and have been sitting listening to various songs this evening. In particular, I really like "Make you feel my love" which was originally a Bob Dylan song.

Today has been fairly successful for once. I've booked accommodation for my boyfriend and I to stay in Edinburgh for the next couple of days which I'm very exited about as I love Edinburgh, it's such a beautiful city and you should go if you haven't already :)
I'm also trying my hand at some DIY to decorate our flat, so I shall update on that if I ever manage to finish it! I was wearing totally impractical clothes for doing DIY, but everything seemed to work out okay.

Cardigan, Dress and Shoes - All Primark!
Necklace - From Vintage shop

I went slightly mad after my exams went on a rampage through Primark....this is the result. I really didn't need another pair of brogues, but I really liked them and they were only £14! how could I say no?
After seeing these pictures I've decided I really need a haircut, but I'm not exactly sure what to do to it. I've been trying for the past few months to grow it (I really want to add another 3 inches at least), but I've always had relatively short hair and I have an urge to revert back just now.
Oh yes and this was my attempt at nails I'd seen on Alexa Chung a few months ago here. Slightly messy I know, but I'm hoping to improve!


Sunday, 23 January 2011

Stylish Blogger Award

A great big thank you to Rebecca for giving me with the Stylish Blogger Award :) I'm so happy about it as I've only been blogging for 3 weeks and it's lovely to know that people are enjoying my babbling haha!
I guess I haven't mentioned very much about myself previously, so here are 7 things about me:
  1. I live in the North East of Scotland
  2. I'm studying Marine Biology at St Andrews
  3. I have a very sweet tooth and baking is one of my favourite hobbies
  4. I love scuba diving and love to jump in the North Sea/Atlantic whenever possible (not very glamorous I know!)
  5. I have a tattoo of some moomins and am hoping to get another one soon.
  6. One of my favourite films (of which there are many) is Amelie, as it never fails to make me smile
  7. When I grow up (unlikely), I want to be involved in wildlife documentaries, maybe underwater filming
15 Bloggers who I think deserve this award:
  1. ~Flying a kite~
  2. Rosedl
  3. Twitch Vintage
  4. Pandora's Box
  5. Oh Really?
  6. Circusbox
  8. Flashesofstyle
  9. Chronicles of a ginger girl
  10. Gembear
  12. Sugarpatch
  13. Scared toast
  14. Then she'll carelessly cut you
  15. Mode.

Saturday, 22 January 2011

Ticking away the moments

Today has been amazing! Nothing particularly life changing happened, but it's felt amazing to get back to spending 90% of my free time shopping! The sun was shining, the temperature was.....not brilliant, but acceptable and so now I feel fantastic!
I've finally been able to wear out some of my sale buys, as it felt a bit much to get dressed up and sit in the library all day. I also bought a pocket watch the other day and I haven't taken it off since, I really love it!

Navy cardigan - Primani
Top - H&M
Shorts - Asos
Tights - Primani
Navy Brogues - Asos
Pocket Watch - Urban Outfitters
Bag - Vintage
The lighting in the photos is a bit rubbish, so I apologise! I love the shorts im wearing, they're very comfortable and have lots of little birds on them (which I think is really cute). They were a very cheap find in the Asos sale, so all in all a great deal!

Friday, 21 January 2011

They think it's all over is now! At long last my exams have finished and I can't wait to get my life back (as much as I love the excuse of sitting around in my pyjamas). I feel I've been neglecting my blog this week, as I've been bombed down with revision so I'm planning to take a few photos tomorrow of some new outfits.
Today I'm just posting some pictures of things that make me happy and I hope they make you happy too :)

photos via weheartit

I think it's time for a cup of tea and some well earned rest!

Monday, 17 January 2011

Chanel Pre-Fall 2011

Just a quick post with some of the collection of the Chanel Pre-Fall line. Karl Lagerfeld was said to have taken inspiration from the lost culture of Byzantium and the Empress Theodora. There is definitely a regal feel to it, with lots of metallics and rich colours as well as couture details and embellishments to each piece.

I love all the detailing and jewellery, it looks absolutely amazing! And my birthday is only a few months away.....sigh.

The nails have it

This weekend has consisted of solid revision and I've been longing to do absolutely anything else to escape it. I decided the most logical use of my time was to bake (fuel for studying of course) so I ventured out to get provisions and while at the shops I bought a copy of Glamour. I didn't really have time to read it front to back, but as I was flicking through, I noticed a page about "marble nails". Intrigued, I googled it and discovered a whole new world of nail art!
I have to say, when it comes to being patient (especially with nail polish) I'm probably the worlds least patient person, but for whatever reason this actually seemed to work!
If you like the look of it, it's very simple to do and looks brilliant (once you get the hang of it!)

So yeah my hands are still a bit of a mess, but I think it worked out pretty well. I went for red, white and blue. The red was "Ruby Slippers" which is an Avon polish, the blue is No7 "Midnight blue" and the white is Vivo which I think is part of a french manicure set I never used.
Now I know what I'm doing, I think I'll be having endless fun :) There are lots of videos on youtube explaining what to do, so go crazy!

Thursday, 13 January 2011

A whiter shade of pale

I completely forgot that the other dress I had ordered before Christmas had arrived (it only took 4 weeks!).
I thought I'd wear it today to motivate me to do some more revision, and so far so good (apart writing this post!). I also found my tartan trench coat which must have been lost in the depths of my wardrobe since me and my boyfriend moved house (which was about 5 months ago now). Another discovery was a vintage Russian fur hat. Wearing it makes me feel like a bond girl (not that I probably look like one, but hey!) and I'm sad that wearing it indoors is not practical....although it would make the library far more interesting in my opinion!

Dress - H&M
Tights - Primark
Clogs - Topshop
Tartan coat - Warehouse
Fur hat - Vintage
Bracelets and Ring - H&M
Foundation - Bobbi Brown (in Alabaster)
Gel Eyeliner - Clinique
 Lipstick - Rimmel (in Signature Red)

On a bit of a tangent, I completely love the foundation I'm wearing. I think most Bobbi Brown products I've tried are really good and this is probably the first time it has actually matched my skin tone!
It was quite amusing (for my boyfriend anyway) when I bought it, because I had one of the consultations that they do and the lady (who was very helpful) tried various shades on my face, but when she uttered "I think you're a bit too pale for the porcelain shade" I was in disbelief! I was happy to learn that they had a shade lighter than "Porcelain", bought it without a second thought and have loved wearing it ever since!

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Paul Smith

Paul Smith is fantastic. Scientific fact. I think the clothing he designs as well as the photography is absolutely beautiful. The way he incorporates photography into his clothing designs is really interesting and definitely gives a uniqueness to each piece.
I've just come out of my first exam for this semester and it was one of those "on the fence" exams where you couldn't really tell if it went well or not....To take my mind off it, I ended perusing the Paul Smith website and found some AMAZING things...

Amazing non? I figured I'd probably have to sell all my organs and possessions to actually own anything, but hey! It's probably worth it!
So after going through the entire women's range, I decide to look at the "Gifts & Homewares" section and find this:
Isn't it amazing? It's a 60's style sofa with fabric consisting of photos taken by Paul Smith himself from the Chelsea Flower Show....yes I know flowers again! I seriously think this is the best sofa I've ever seen, the price tag being the only drawback.
If only....

Monday, 10 January 2011


It has snowed quite alot over the past few days, so there goes my theory about Spring sadly....
On the other hand, to avoid the cold I've been raking around through my wardrobe and found my Moomin tshirt that my boyfriend gave to me a few years ago. I'm so excited now because I wore it all the time until it seemed to vanish! (nothing to do with the fact I accidentally put it on a shelf of pyjamas!)
So here it is in all its glory!

Moomin tshirt - gift
Cardigan - Vintage
Denim Shorts - Altered GAP jeans
Tights - M&S
Heeled brogues - Primark
Boater hat - Topshop
Bowler Bag - Asos
Turquoise ring - Past Times

Moomin Tea Set - Gift
Moomin Cookie Cutters - Gift

I seem to collect Moomin things, as it was one of my favourite cartoons when I was little, although after reading and watching some of the stories now, it seems completely nuts!
Did you like the Moomins, or did you find it scary/creepy? A lot of my friends have said they thought it was really scary!

Zoët xx

Sunday, 9 January 2011

I love brogues

It's true, I really do.
I'd say that most pairs of shoes I look at these days are brogues! As well the androgynous looking brogue, there are now a variety of styles available varying in colour and texture as well as being flat or high heeled.
I think brogues are amazing at adding a unique edge on an every day outfit and the best part is, they're extremely comfortable!

If only I had more feet to put them on....
 From top left : Poetic Licence high heeled brogues
                      Toast red leather brogue
                       Kurt Geiger tan leather heeled brogue
                       Asos tapestry and leather brogues
                       Asos green suede brogue

Pretty paving - courtesy of Barcelona :)

When I was looking at various pairs, there were so many I wanted to put up.....although I cut it down as I don't want to drown anyone in pictures of brogues.

I hope you share my enthusiasm! xx