Wednesday, 9 February 2011

A gigantic merci beaucoup!

I just wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone both following and reading my blog :) I thought I would write something when I reached 20 followers, but somehow overnight I'm up to 22 which is lovely :) I'm really glad you're enjoying reading my jibbering!
This is quite a short post but I'm hoping to do a few outfit posts for the rest of the week, as being back at university has thrown me off slightly and I'm trying to be as organised as possible (which will probably last a week if that!)

Pictures via weheartit

On a slight tangent, I've just realised how many tattoos Freja Beha Erichsen has! They are all pretty cool and this has definitely made me consider getting another (which I've been considering for a while now). Speaking of which, a few lovely people had asked about my Moomin tattoo so I'll take some pictures of that tomorrow :)

Monday, 7 February 2011

Just another manic Monday

Thank you all for your lovely comments on my last post, I'm really glad that you liked the cushions :) very comfortable I must say!
I thought I'd start the week with a wish list, however I've realised that if I actually wore said outfit, I'd probably look like an extra from the Big Bang Theory! I've not been sure about the fake acetate glasses as I always thought I'd look a bit silly in them, but I think I'm ready to take the plunge! Fake glasses don't show any sign of going away, as I noticed Gucci have some bright/neon pairs, complementing this seasons trend (however I'm not sure if I'm ready for neon green glasses just yet!)

Chunky-knit cardigan and Yin Yang Tee - Both Urban Outfitters
"Geek" acetate glasses and Pink Scalloped Shorts - Both ASOS
Patent black loafers and Blue Suede loafers - Both Kurt Geiger


I've just started back at university after my exams and feel I really need a holiday already (after one day!), but as the evenings continue to get lighter, that in itself will make me happier! I think it's the most depressing thing when you've finished a lecture or class at 5pm and it's already dark!
I hope you all had a lovely weekend :) xx

Thursday, 3 February 2011

The whole universe on the sofa

This is just a quick post as I'm busy finishing off all the DIY projects I started to decorate my flat. The latest thing I've finished are two cushions that have been given a lease of life a la Christopher Kane Resort 2011.
I found a very cheap maxi dress with a print similar to that of the Galaxy print Kane has used in the resort '11 collection, but after trying it on (I looked absolutely ridiculous), I decided it needed a new lease of life.


To This:

I'm so happy with them as I'm pretty sure there's nothing else like them around in any home shops I've been in :) My boyfriend thinks they're great too, but then again anything remotely Star Wars/space related gets him excited! I'd love to know what you think of these, whether they're cool, or whether I'm going slightly mad!


Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Home sweet home

I've been living with my boyfriend for almost 2 years now and in September we moved into a bigger flat together with a second bedroom (which is essentially a room for his stuff while I have the rest of the house).
The new house still seems slightly bare, so I've looking around for lovely things to decorate :)  I think I'm slightly obsessed with home-ware at the best of times and I've found some lovely items online today which I think I need in my life!

Top Row: Corkscrew; camera; record player all Urban Outfitters
Middle Row: Cake stand- UO; Doormat- H&M
Bottom Row: Plate - Anthropologie; Clips and Stag Wall Mount - Fred Flare

There seems to be a lot of moustache related home-ware around just now which I think is fantastic as I really like the weird and wonderful :) I really don't want the "ideal home". H&M home-ware is my latest discovery and they have some gorgeous things to buy on their website (especially bedsheets!) so this has given me a lot to think about.....I just need to get my hand on one of those money trees.