Monday, 17 January 2011

The nails have it

This weekend has consisted of solid revision and I've been longing to do absolutely anything else to escape it. I decided the most logical use of my time was to bake (fuel for studying of course) so I ventured out to get provisions and while at the shops I bought a copy of Glamour. I didn't really have time to read it front to back, but as I was flicking through, I noticed a page about "marble nails". Intrigued, I googled it and discovered a whole new world of nail art!
I have to say, when it comes to being patient (especially with nail polish) I'm probably the worlds least patient person, but for whatever reason this actually seemed to work!
If you like the look of it, it's very simple to do and looks brilliant (once you get the hang of it!)

So yeah my hands are still a bit of a mess, but I think it worked out pretty well. I went for red, white and blue. The red was "Ruby Slippers" which is an Avon polish, the blue is No7 "Midnight blue" and the white is Vivo which I think is part of a french manicure set I never used.
Now I know what I'm doing, I think I'll be having endless fun :) There are lots of videos on youtube explaining what to do, so go crazy!


  1. Oo, however you did it, it sure looks funky!
    Might have to give that a go,

    Rosie x

  2. Your nails look amazing and I love the colours you've chosen! I've been meaning to try this out for ages but always thought it would have been harder than it sounds! xx

  3. Wow that's pretty cool. The colour combo is very pretty, and the love the pattern it makes in the tub! x

  4. looks cool, i'll have to try that out!

  5. thanks for your lovely comment(:
    it looks like a lot of work but the result is amazing(:

    following each other ?


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