Monday, 24 January 2011

I can make you happy, make your dreams come true

I think I've become slightly obsessed with Adele over the past couple of days. I keep humming it wherever I go and have been sitting listening to various songs this evening. In particular, I really like "Make you feel my love" which was originally a Bob Dylan song.

Today has been fairly successful for once. I've booked accommodation for my boyfriend and I to stay in Edinburgh for the next couple of days which I'm very exited about as I love Edinburgh, it's such a beautiful city and you should go if you haven't already :)
I'm also trying my hand at some DIY to decorate our flat, so I shall update on that if I ever manage to finish it! I was wearing totally impractical clothes for doing DIY, but everything seemed to work out okay.

Cardigan, Dress and Shoes - All Primark!
Necklace - From Vintage shop

I went slightly mad after my exams went on a rampage through Primark....this is the result. I really didn't need another pair of brogues, but I really liked them and they were only £14! how could I say no?
After seeing these pictures I've decided I really need a haircut, but I'm not exactly sure what to do to it. I've been trying for the past few months to grow it (I really want to add another 3 inches at least), but I've always had relatively short hair and I have an urge to revert back just now.
Oh yes and this was my attempt at nails I'd seen on Alexa Chung a few months ago here. Slightly messy I know, but I'm hoping to improve!



  1. What a cute outfit! Love the brogues :) x

  2. Love your brogues, and your nails are the cutest! I really don't have the patience with nail varnish to do something like that. I get it EVERYWHERE x

  3. everytimle I visit you I get more and more frustrated that I don't have a primark near my hometown! ^^ That dress again is super super adorable! x


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