Monday, 30 May 2011

Last week

Last week was slightly mad to say the least. I had two exams on Monday and Tuesday which went ok.....I think! Then I said goodbye to St Andrews and travelled down to Edinburgh where I stayed for the rest of the week. Sadly I wasn't there purely for retail therapy, my brother was having an operation so I was up at the hospital for most of the week keeping him amused (or so I like to think!).  Visiting hours didn't start till 2pm at the hospital so I still managed to fit in some wandering around Edinburgh!

 Giant, shiny wonderfulness in Harvey Nichols
Blazer and Top - H&M
Shorts and Flats - GAP
Scarf - Little shop in Edinburgh

 A little too much time on my hands

 Possibly the best cake I will ever eat!

Butterfly World!

I think this is pretty much everything I did outwith the hospital....apart from making the huge mistake of going to Ikea and buying so many things that I really don't need!
Hope everyone had a lovely weekend :)


  1. the cake looks delish! Love your nails, my hands are far too shaky to achieve something like that! xx

  2. mmm... that cake looks divine! i'm envious right now ;D



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