Tuesday, 17 May 2011

The exam starts......now!

I haven't been posting very much, mainly due to the horrible, HORRIBLE invention that is the exam. I have thus been living in my pyjamas for the majority of the past 2 weeks while attempting to learn everything I should have learnt over the year. Simple!
I thought instead of moaning I would accept my inevitable failure and go out with some style! Easily achieved with the help of these bad boys:

Pen - Orla Keily (nom)
Cat Highlighters and Union Jack Pencil Tin - Paperchase
Recycled Floral Notebooks - www.paperie.co.uk
Cupcake Notepad - Fred Flare
Sushi Erasers - Available in random stationery shops!

I have a slight obsession with stationery and seem to have a collection of notepads (I dread to count how many) that have never been used. Do you share my love of stationery? xx



  1. Definitely share your love for stationery. And that is the ONE good thing about coursework/exams... PJ days :) Hope everything goes ok,

    Rosie x

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  3. I love orla kiely! And I'm exactly the same I buy so many pretty notebooks then never use them - I don't want to ruin them, with their clean white pages! Good luck with your exams :) x

  4. I certainly do share your love for stationary, I always have done!
    Good look with your exams :) x

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  5. I love stationery too, especially beautiful notebooks that I don't want to ruin! Good luck :D xx

  6. are these YOUR photos..?




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