Friday, 29 April 2011

It's a nice day for a white wedding

 I didn't intend to be, but this morning I was glued to the TV to watch the royal wedding! It's been fairly hectic in St Andrews this week as there have been so many organised events to celebrate today, but up until today I think I'd managed to miss most of it!
I was blown over by the wedding dress, Sarah Burton has worked some incredible McQueen magic! I thought the mother of the bride also looked lovely, very simple and elegant. It was lovely to see how genuinely happy couple were today, it made me smile :)

.....more importantly, how fantastic is the cake?!? It could probably feed Britain for a week!
Have a lovely weekend everyone :)


  1. the cake is incredible! but her dress was beyond. so beautiful she looked perfect


  2. oh i loved the royal wedding so much! still have a touch of royal wedding fever days later.... the cake was almost as gorgeous and detailed as the dress! i loved that the cake involved so many different florals, all with their own symbolism and meanings - so romantic! x


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