Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Having a ball

I feel I have completely neglected my blog once again! Surprisingly enough, there was no Internet connection on the diving trip (which was very convenient for getting out of studying), but I had such a good time didn't really notice.
With the end of term approaching far too quickly for my liking, I have been flapping around trying to get coursework handed in on time (which I've managed, but I won't even comment on the quality of it!).
However, the Easter weekend provided some light relief, as I attended the Aqua Ball which is a dinner and dance for all the water sport societies at St Andrews. I thought I would show you all the dress I was wearing, although I didn't set out to do an "outfit post", so I've just thrown together a series of photos that show it as best as possible!

 Dress - Asos Premium
Hairband - H&M (with added shells)
Shoes - Primark
Earrings - New Look

I hope everyone had a lovely Easter Sunday also! I've been eating chocolate constantly for the past 2 days now as I figured it would be better just to get it all out the way (great thinking yes?!), but I've eaten so much now I think I may have put myself off it.
We went to my aunty's house (in the picture) and had tea, cake and sandwiches all of which was preluded by champagne (after a ball the night before, I had the smallest amount!). All in all, it was a lovely day!



  1. You look lovely with the flowery headband and the colour of that dress is lush- perfect for the Aqua Ball ;) xx

  2. You look lovely, thats such a pretty dress ♥ x

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    Ginger Ecstasy

  3. You look gorgeous :) i love your dress :) x

  4. oh wow you're from scotland and you study in st andrews? i have just moved in scotland and im glad to jump in your blog. im following you. :D

  5. You look lovely. Amazing legs, girl! x

  6. Wow, you look wonderful! That dress is completely gorgeous. Glad you had a nice time,

    Rosie x

  7. Lovely dress... I didn't eat too much chocolate over the weekend, so I'm nowhere near sick of it yet haha xx

  8. gorgeous dress!
    lovely blog :D



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