Monday, 14 March 2011

Weekend Madness

This weekend has been a lot of fun! After 13 hours on a pub crawl however, I didn't feel like blogging yesterday surprisingly enough. The weather that accompanied Saturday was not the best either, so the shoes in the picture below were so waterlogged/ruined, they had to be thrown out!
Sunday was a fairly quiet affair as you might imagine! I thought I'd take some pictures of another project I'd been working Beano table! I used to read the Beano all the time when I was little and thought it would really help brighten up my living room which seems to be mainly beige just now (ahhh rented houses).

Dress - Primark
Cardigan - Collection at Debenhams
Bag - Primark
Shoes - New Look


I hope you guys like the table! It didn't take me very long to do, it just took a while to order the glass for the top. It will now take pride of place in my living room :)


  1. Man, that's a funky rug!

  2. The table looks awesome! I was an avid Beano reader when I was younger too :) Love your black and white outfit, that crawl sounds killer x

  3. Ooh, love a good pubcrawl. Nice outfit too, and that table is so cool! Will really brighten up your flat I'm sure :) xx

  4. Wow I love your table! How cool.
    I really like your oufit. The monochrome looks so chic.

  5. lovellyy outfit and omgg i lovee that table haha


  6. I am number four was awesome! :) I jumped off my seat a few times and the monsters have real ugly faces! But Alex Pettyfer is looking H.O.T ! as do you in this super adorable sailor dress ^^ sich I had a primark nearby =( x

  7. great outfit!! i love your dress!!

  8. You look lovely :) and the table looks fab!

    Rosie x

  9. ah I nearly bought this dress. youve styled it well. i am also in love with your blog background.

    Helen, X

  10. such a chic look!
    So Chanel!! i love it.
    Great blog..


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    check out my blog!!..

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  11. Nice outfit! I really like the dress and the little bag (I love all little bags!)


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